Robert F. Rodriguez


Professional     Artist, Composer, Jazz Drummer, Entertainer.

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You're probably wondering why Robert's name is at the top of his website.  In the spirit of Bobby Darin, if Rodriguez hadn't done that would you know who he is?


Robert's brand is Kansas because Kansas City had such a huge influence on jazz and Kansans are as Rodriguez puts it, "good and descent people."  His style of jazz has led to comparisons with drum set icon, Gene Krupa.


The reason you were asked earlier if you knew who Rodriguez was is because Robert is on the cusp of finding his way in the sensational world of jazz, he's not a wholesale name, just yet.  But he's working on it.  And folks are taking notice.  Robert is asking everyone, "Do you know me, do you know this face?  If you don't I'm not big enough."


Between 2003 and 2010, Rodriguez toured the U.S. and played Vancouver Canada in the band, Elctrikchair, (pronounced electric chair) he co-founded with his brother, Andrew.


Prior to launching their national tour, the group performed in the Denver music scene.  While on tour, Rodriguez played Kansas and fell in love with the people, BBQ, beautiful plains, state's 20's and 30's jazz history and admired the band KANSAS.  Robert moved to Kansas to study jazz at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas, performing in both marching and jazz bands, eventually settling on K-State as his preferred jazz and marching band programs but retaining respect for all well performed jazz.


On one occasion, when he was still a kid, Robert stood outside a Denver night club waiting to perform when a crusty middle aged man wearing tired blue jeans, a red and black plaid shirt, cowboy boots, a tattered, wide brim, white straw  western hat and, holding a lit cigarette in the left side of his mouth approached him and said, "hey kid, did your momma change your diaper?"


After Robert performed in front of an enthusiastic and delighted packed crowd, the same man walked up to Rodriguez again, with his (the stranger) jaw dropping, said, "I'm so sorry man.  I had no idea you could play like that."  The humbled man put a cigarette in his mouth.


Robert looked up at the six foot something giant, poked him politely to get his attention and said, "hey man, you should stop smoking, it's bad for you."  The man took the cigarette from his mouth, tossed it on the ground and stomped it out with his boot. The two shared a smile, shook hands, and parted into the warm summer night.


Playing gigs when you're a little kid rarely sells well with some parents and teachers but the only way to showcase a band in Denver is to play the local music scenes in nightclubs.


Robert Rodriguez may be among the best jazz set drummers in the mid-west.  But you'd never know it by his humorous, polite and soft-spoken personality.  When asked why he has such passion for jazz.  Robert had this to say, "Nothing makes me feel better than seeing smiles after a gig.  I see the creator in their eyes."






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